We have a lot on the horizon. The expansion of our multidisciplinary network is important to us. We are always on the outlook for dedicated persons and partnerships and are anticipating a valuable collaboration with you and your company!


The international conference SKYBERRIES explores the emerging topic of vertical farming for the first time in the German-speaking region. Successful urban farmers, scientists and pioneers meet in Vienna to discuss the future of agriculture. SKYBERRIES is part of the URBAN FUTURE global conference – we expect 3,000 participants on the venue who are committed to drive change in making cities more sustainable.

More than 30 high profile speakers will present and discuss the challenges of food security and opportunities offered by Vertical Farming. These presentations will range from the status quo of research in vertical agriculture to science fiction, from sociology to economy, from science to realization. Participants can look forward to insights into realized vertical farms, economical aspects and socio-political dimensions of vertical farming as well as specific insights for their own companies.

We are looking forwards to contributions by Dickson Despommier („The Vertical Farm“), Saskia Sassen (“global city”), Daniel Podmirseg (vertical farm institute), Franz Fischler (European Forum Alpbach), as well as representatives of FAO, Spread Farms, Vertical Harvest, Valoya, Sanlight, Transsolar and many more.


28 February – 2 March 2018
Messe Wien, Exhibition & Congress Center

Tickets available:
All tickets include access to the conference venue on 28 February and 1 March, 2018 for both conferences in the same way: incl. SKYBERRIES vertical farming conference + incl. URBAN FUTURE global conference.



We are very pleased to contribute a podium discussion as well as an exhibition on the subject of vertical farming, as part of the framework program of the WearFair +mehr exhibition.

The former concierge post (the “Pixel“) will be the site of a display, granting first peaks at the planned vertical farm for the Tabakfabrik Linz. Visitors can become familiar with what a vertical farm is and how the pilot project in Linz will be using the naturally available sunlight by utilizing mobile production systems. There will be a presentation and a discussion round held with Daniel Podmirseg and Stefan Parnreiter-Mathys, also held in the Pixel, the former concierge post of the Tabakfabrik Linz. We extend an open invitation to everyone interested in the topic!

Come see for yourself why the vertical farm is an important component of food production in the cities of the future. Also come visit us at the WearFair in Linz!


7th Oktober 2017, 14:30 – 15:30
Tabakfabrik Linz WearFair + mehr, “Pixel” (former concierge post)

WearFair +mehr


The vertical farm institute and Aquaponic Austria together will initiate the first Austrian exchange and networking platform with the topic of The Future of Food

The #meetup is aimed at anyone interested in the topic of Urban and Vertical Farming: All active persons, startups, companies, researchers, students and perhaps you too? We are open and available to anyone interested in securing the food supply. We will be offering lectures with insights into the work of various experts, updates on current projects in Austria and Vienna specifically, and many opportunities for networking and exchange.

Would you like to present your ideas and projects? We are looking forward to your contribution!

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Vertical Farming #2 Meetup
3 May, 2017 (Stockwerk-Coworking)

Vertical Farming #1 Meetup
1 March, 2017 (Stockwerk Co-Working)