Project Description




The Urban Oasis in Vienna is a glass house prototype where the energy potentials in the city are accumulated and transformed into synergistic energy circuits.

Markus Jeschaunig, architect and artist, built the prototype as part of the city factory of the museum for applied arts (MAK, Museums für Angewandte Kunst) in Vienna and then operated the plant together with the vertical farm institute in the vicinity of the Vienna Karlsplatz. A small greenhouse with a footprint of approximately 2 x 2 m was erected over an existing exhaust air duct of the Vienna U-Bahn subway – the escaping heated air was utilized to heat the greenhouse for the plants. By applying a double-wall insulation system and an “active insulation” concept a year-around warm micro-climate room for operating urban agriculture could be created.

The project was part of the Vienna Biennale 2017 and could be visited from August to the end of October in the Friedrichstrasse, 1010 in Vienna. During the course of the “Urban Oasis: Energy Walk“ on 20 September, the facility was introduced to the curious public